Thrilling victories and outstanding performances witnessed on Day 6

SRINAGAR: The 72nd All India Police Hockey Championship, organized by the Jammu and Kashmir Police, continued its thrilling action on its sixth day. Here are the highlights of the matches held today:
Match No. 23: Gujarat Police vs. CISF
Winner: CISF (8-0)
Goal Scorers: Vishal Jit Singh JR.No.09 (1st & 2nd goal), Vishal Rana JR.No.11 (3rd goal), Lokesh Bora Jr. No. 15 (4th goal), Aditya Chhetri Jr. No.27 (5th & 6th goals), Nithin Jr. No. 17 (7th and 8th goals).
Player of the Match: Anjel Minz JR.No.13.
Match No. 24: Uttarakhand Police vs. Odisha Police
Winner: Odisha Police (4-0)
Goal Scorers: Ashok Lakra JR.No. 08 (1st, 2nd & 3rd goals), Roshan Bahla Jr. No. 09 (4th goal).
Player of the Match: Birandra Lakra JR. NO.26.
Match No. 25: Maharashtra Police vs. ITBP
Winner: ITBP (3-2)
Goal Scorers: Jaswinder Singh JR.No.09 (1st & 3rd goals), Ankit JR.No.21 (2nd goal).
Player of the Match: Ankit JR.No.21.
Match No. 26: Karnataka vs. Punjab
Winner: Punjab (7-3)
Goal Scorers: Navpreet Singh JR.No.21 (1st goal), Jaskaran Singh JR.No.10 (2nd & 4th goals), Kanwarjeet Singh JR. NO.25 (3rd goal), Varinder Singh Jr. No.22 (5th & 6th goals), Balwinder Singh Jr. No.18 (7th goal).
Player of the Match: Balwinder Singh Jr. No.18.
Chief Guest: Sh. Rajinder Singh (Former President Hockey, India).
Match No. 27: Jharkhand Police vs. Telangana Police
Winner: Jharkhand Police (6-1)
Goal Scorers: Sudharshan JR.No.17 (1st goal), Robert Dhodray JR.No.09 (2nd, 4th & 6th goals), Sunit Lakra JR. NO. 19 (3rd goal), Titru Oraon JR.No.14 (5th goal).
Player of the Match: Robert Dhodray JR.No.09.
Match No. 07 (Women’s Team): CRPF vs. Uttar Pradesh
Winner: CRPF (2-1 in shootout)
Goal Scorers: Princhilla Tirkey JR.No.39 (1st goal) – CRPF, Shail Kumari Gupta JR.No.14 (Equalizer) – Uttar Pradesh.
Player of the Match: Kalayani Kndo JR.No.49.
Chief Guest: Ms. Sh. Suprakash Adhikari ED NHPC.
Match No. 08 (Women’s Team): Tamil Nadu Police vs. Maharashtra Police
Winner: Tamil Nadu Police (2-0)
Goal Scorers: Mageshwari JR.No.46 (1st & 2nd Goals), Shobiga Raghaivi JR.No.66.
Player of the Match: Mageshwari JR.No. 46.
Chief Guest: Sh. Ranjeet Kalra Member J&K Sports Council.
Match No. 09: Himachal Pradesh Police vs. Odisha Police
Winner: Odisha Police (7-0)
Player of the Match: Ashim Kanchan Barla JR.No. 11.
Chief Guest: Shri Ajay Ji. Manager KK Hakku Hockey Stadium.
Match No. 10 (Scheduled for 21:00 Hrs.)
Result awaited.
The championship, running from January 29 to February 8, 2024, promises more exciting hockey action in the days to come.

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