KTA President for helping needy during Ramazan

SRINAGAR: Kashmir Trade Alliance Ajaz Shahdhar in a statement said that in the present Covid-19 situation it is imperative for the people to take care of the poor in the holy month of Ramazan.
In a statement he said that people of weaker sections like labourers, bus drivers, drivers, auto rickshas and the people working in the private and other business establishments are facing the tough times to meet their daily needs.
He said that that though it is necessary to maintain the social distancing during the lockdown, for weaker sections of the society who are earning hand to mouth, it is impossible for them to feed their families and bear the cost of medicines for their family members.
He added that said that our Islamic teachings guide us to come to rescue of needy people and more generous and give charity to help the downtrodden members of the society .
Their is more reward and blessings during the holy month of Ramadan. Keeping in mind the holy month of Ramadan, privileged sections of the society should come forward and fulfill the religious and moral obligations. He hope that if people from every neighborhood will come forward and help the poor and needy , nobody will remain hungry and almighty Allah will help us to come out of this difficult situation.

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