Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir Students Association (JKSA) here on Tuesday demanded center choice for law students of Kashmir University and various private law colleges in the upcoming end-term examinations. Voicing its concern, the Association advocated for the restoration of the earlier pattern of choice selection of centers given to students.
Earlier, law students from north, central, and south Kashmir were provided the liberty to select their preferred examination centers based on their proximity, a provision that facilitated traveling, particularly in regions prone to challenging weather conditions. However, a recent change in this process has deprived students of this essential flexibility.
Ummar Jamal, National General Secretary of the Association, in a statement said, ‘In light of weather conditions and other challenges, we earnestly appeal to the respected controller of examinations at Kashmir University to provide the option for students to choose their examination centers, as was done earlier. The reinstatement of this option would not only mitigate the logistical hurdles encountered by students but also foster a more seamless examination process, he said.
The Association urged prompt action from the concerned authorities to address this matter, recognizing the significance of prioritizing students’ welfare and upholding their academic rights. By reinstating center choice for law students, Kashmir University and other relevant institutions can demonstrate their commitment to facilitating a conducive learning environment that accommodates the diverse needs of the student community, it added.


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