BJP leader Lateef Bhat assures resolution to electric transformer issues in Iqbal Colony, Pampore

Pampore: Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) leader and District President for Pulwama, Mohammad Lateef Bhat, visited the Iqbal Colony Kadlabal area of Saffron Town Pampore to address the concerns raised by residents regarding the need for an additional electric transformer.
During the visit, residents highlighted the requirement for a 100 KV transformer with 80 connections, citing daily damage to the current setup. They urged the provision of either an additional electric transformer or a 250 KV transformer to effectively resolve the ongoing problems.
Assuring prompt action, Bhat committed to addressing and resolving the issues faced by the residents in the coming days. He specifically mentioned the installation of an additional transformer section to alleviate the problems related to electric supply.
Speaking to Kashmir Reader, Lateef shared his observations from the visit, acknowledging the grievances of the residents. He identified road problems, drainage issues, and the absence of electric poles, currently replaced by wooden ones, as key concerns. After discussions with the AEE PDD, a plan has been formulated to address the electric transformer problem. He assured the community of installing a transformer and preparing an estimate for electric pole placement in the near future, stressing the importance of electric poles in the area.
Furthermore, the BJP leader outlined his commitment to collaborating with the community to resolve road and drainage problems. He emphasized that issues related to drainage and roads would be addressed after March, aligning with the demands and priorities of the community.
Expressing uncertainty about the delayed commencement of work on the land identified by the government for a marriage hall, Bhat mentioned his intention to discuss this matter with the administration.
Residents expressed gratitude to Mohammad Lateef Bhat for his visit and proactive approach in addressing their concerns. They particularly appreciated his assurance to provide a new electric transformer in the coming days, aiming to resolve ongoing problems caused by daily damage due to overload. The residents welcomed the commitment of the BJP leader to actively engage with the community and find solutions to pressing issues.


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