PM Shri school Hajin students visit railway station, SKAUST-K

Hajin: Students of PM Shri Government Middle School Gulshanabad in Hajin enjoyed a unique and educational experience on Wednesday as they explored the public transport system and learned about the latest scientific achievements in agriculture.
As part of the field visit, the students visited Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agriculture Science and Technology in Shalimar and the Nowgam Railway Station. The objective was to familiarize them with different modes of transportation and the modern agricultural technologies used in the region.
Teachers guided the students through various public transport facilities, including railways and roadways. The students gained practical knowledge about traveling on trains, including purchasing tickets in advance at the station ticket counters.
Additionally, the students visited SKAUST-Kashmir, where they were introduced to the latest scientific advancements in agriculture. The field trip provided a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience for the students, combining practical exposure with theoretical knowledge.

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