New Delhi: The Constitution of India is resilient, has weathered even the worst challenges, including those posed by time, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said on Sunday.
Mehta said any Constitution framed for a nation is always a vehicle for governance and the country decides for itself how its future governance would take shape.
Speaking at the Constitution Day celebrations at the Vigyan Bhavan here, the top law officer said the Indian Constitution is a manifestation of the very spirit of the country’s people immediately after decolonisation.
“Despite its legalistic overtones and drafting history, one must not forget that when India became independent … a large number of countries got independence during that era in 1947, may be a few years before or a few years after, and everyone experimented with their own respective constitutions, and India is one of the very few countries whose constitutions have withstood the challenges of time,” he said.
Mehta said the challenges were foreseen by the eminent people who drafted the Constitution.
“And this is something which is unique about this Constitution. Even after 75 years, the Constitution has withstood the challenges,” he said, adding, “Our Constitution is resilient and it has weathered even the worst challenges.” Mehta said the Constitution is always seen as an instrument that binds people and the country and brings all the citizens together despite several disparities and differences in terms of languages and food habits.
He said the Constitution was carefully moulded to be a responsive document, one that could not only meet the challenges of the time when it was created but the those of the future as well.
“While celebrating the Constitution Day, let us pay tributes and express our gratitude to those great minds of men and women, men and women of eminence, extraordinary intelligence and brilliance, and men and women with foresight who could foresee 100 years down the line, 150 years down the line, who by their collective wisdom gave us a document under which our country has progressed every year,” the solicitor general said.

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