KTA appeals LG, seeks restoration of electricity

Srinagar: Kashmir Trade Alliance (KTA) has urged the government to restore the power supply of consumers whose connections have been snapped.
Ajaz Shahdhar, President KTA said that in winters business activities too are halted in the Valley, while the power department is also not unaware of the economic conditions of the last 5 years. He said that reportedly around 1400 digital meters in Srinagar are disconnected at the stations for non-payment of fees.
“Every consumer pays the fee, while the income is also reduced due to the disruption of business activities during this season, while laborers are also unable to go to daily work,” Shahdhar said.
He said before the disconnections of meters of consumer’s concerned department should consider the financial conditions of all these people, including the shopkeepers “It should be thought of from several angles so that the users also do not face difficulties,” he said.
Shahdar said the electricity department has disconnected the electricity connections of hundreds of consumers, including laborers, shopkeepers and vendors, without any notice and information, as a result of which they had to live in the dark.
He appealed to the Power Department and LG to intervene in the matter and give time to those who have outstanding fees to pay the fees and restore their electricity connections till then.


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