Webinar on ‘How to make your building Green’ held at GCET

JAMMU: Government College of Engineering & Technology, Jammu, today organized a webinar on the topic “How to make buildings green.” The event was aimed at sensitizing the students about the latest technologies/design aspects related to making green buildings. The webinar was organized under the patronage of Dr. Sameru Sharma Principal, GCET, Jammu. (Webinar Platform)
Ar. Jit Kumar Gupta, Chairman of IGBC-Chandigarh Chapter, Resource Person of the event, discussed the seven factors that have a direct impact on the design of a green building. These were climate, orientation, Sun and wind direction, planning of buildings, designing of building envelopes, materials and technology involved. All these factors were discussed in detail and their contribution in making a building ‘green’.
The ‘Green building’ approach helps to make them sustainable, energy efficient and eco-friendly. These buildings also help to reduce the energy consumption, greenhouse gas emission and carbon footprint on the earth.
The Sustainable Development Goals by the UN also call for promoting energy efficiency, net zero buildings and green rated buildings. They help in almost 50% energy savings, 40% water savings and 35% reduction in carbon emissions post operations.
He further suggested that GCET, Jammu should adopt these strategies in their campus and be a role model for the entire region to promote green building concepts. He also insisted on adding the ‘ Green Buildings’ as a compulsory subject in the Architecture School and Engineering curriculum so that right from the beginning ,students are sensitized and aware about the idea of what goes into making a building ‘green’.
Dr Sanjeev Kumar Gupta, HOD, Civil Department, GCET, Jammu and the organizer of the event expressed his gratitude to the Resource person of the event for their insightful and knowledge packed presentation. He also acknowledged and promised to work in his full capacity towards making at least one building of the GCET campus on the ‘Green Buildings’ concept. He thanked all the participants for attending the event and further added that the webinar is just the beginning and hopes that students and faculty are encouraged to reorient their mindsets to build a sustainable, resilient and safe environment for everyone. The webinar was attended by the faculty and students of Civil engineering Department, and School of Architecture, Jammu.

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