Health ministry issues fresh advisory for schools

Srinagar: The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has issued a fresh Coronavirus advisory to schools and other educational institutions following the increase in confirmed cases of COVID-19 in India. However, most of the government and private schools in Jammu and Kashmir have failed to implement the compulsory recommendations.
According to official sources, the Directorate of School Education is yet to issue specific directions to schools, especially private schools.
The health ministry has stated in its advisory that schools should avoid any large gathering of children.
The ministry has said that any staff or student with travel history to any COVID-19 affected country in the past 28 days should be monitored and quarantined for fourteen days.
Class teachers have been asked to be alert of any possible symptoms among students, like coughing, fever, or difficulty in breathing. Teachers have been asked to inform parents to get their children tested. Any affected student should not join school unless cleared by a doctor, the advisory says.
The Health Ministry’s advisory also talks about basic hygiene, like washing hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water. It also suggested using alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
“Everyone should cover their mouth with a tissue/handkerchief when they cough or sneeze and wash their hands afterwards. Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth. Everyone should throw away used tissues in a bin and wash their hands after contact with coughing/sneezing,” it says.
It has also asked schools to place alcohol-based sanitizers at different spots. The advisory has asked the authorities to monitor students staying in hostels. It has asked people to contact dedicated call centers should the need arise.
The J&K’s health department while endorsing the advisory said that morning assemblies should be limited to once a week or until the virus outbreak is over.
It said all students and teachers must be watched for any flu-like symptoms on daily basis.
“The care providers at hostels in schools should wear masks. Hostels should not be vacated, if positive cases of students suffering from the flu are identified. Information should be given at the nearest government hospital in case one comes across any infected person,” said Dr SM Kadri, senior epidemiologist and Surveillance Officer of Integrated Diseases Surveillance Project (IDSP) at the health department.
He said the DHSK had already issued information about do’s and dont’s for common people and various institutions.
Director of School Education Younis Malik said he had directed all schools to avoid morning assemblies and take necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus.
“All heads of government schools are directed to inform students and staff members regarding the symptoms of coronavirus and precautions to be taken,” he said.
“We have also directed to ensure sanitation and personal hygiene in schools. Children with flu symptoms should be advised to stay at home until they are completely cured,” he said.
About private schools, he said: “Same directions are applicable for them also.”

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