Imam Hai Jamia Masjid expresses concern over continued detention of Mirwaiz

SRINAGAR: Imam Hai of Jamia Masjid Maulana Ahmad sayed Naqashbandi Friday expressed concern over the continued detention of Mirwaiz.
In a statement, Imam Hai said that Mirwaiz is the religious head of Muslims of Kashmir and incapacitating him from performing his religious duties as Mirwaiz and barring him from performing religious obligations as a Muslim of offering congregational Friday prayers is a violation of fundamental human rights.
He said that basic human and religious rights of entire people of Kashmir stand curbed.
He urged the authorities to release the Mirwaiz and allow him to lead the congregation in Jamia Masjid. Imam hai also urged the authorities to release all prisoners including youth languishing in various jails across India.

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