Banned Social Networking Sites Still Accessible


With state’s Home Department ordering ban on 22 social networking sites in Kashmir, the realities on ground suggest that as of now, the governemnt has miserably failed to implement the ban even after two days.

When this report was filed, Facebook and Whatsapp were still accessible on various 2G networks operating in the state. These sites were even accessible on broadband connections, giving an impression that the telecom companies were still yet to take the ban order seriously.

  Notably, internet service providers were facing technical issues in banning selected websites, and several reports suggested that the telecom companies had categorically stated that “they were unable to block particular websites.”

“We received the ban order, and we acted upon it quickly. There may be some instances where these sites are still accessible, but we are looking into such cases, and are making sure that the govt order is implemented,” said Priya Ranjan Vaid, head corporate communication, Bharti Airtel.

When this reporter tried to contact the officials of state run BSNL, the calls were repeatedly disconnected. Similarly, the officials in state’s Home Department preferred not to talk about the issue.


Pertinent to mention that internet junkies have started to use VPN so as to overcome all the impediments, ban is creating.

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