Bollywood Dialogues That Fit WWE Superstar Perfectly

Bollywood Dialogues That Fit WWE Superstar Perfectly

There are many WWE Superstars whose Bollywood dialogues suit them perfectly considering their character and work. You would rarely hear that a WWE superstar has lost consecutive matches or won all the matches in his career. At one time, Curt Hawkins had to face defeat in 269 consecutive matches. Like sports, wrestling is also a game of effort and its performance is also like entertainment and that is why we always like it. WWE wrestlers always cut the same promo which is very much liked. But do you know that there are many such Bollywood dialogues which fit perfectly on these superstars, so in today’s article we are going to talk about those Bollywood dialogues, knowing which will brighten your face?

Entertainment Hi Entertainment!

Like Vidya Balan, Roman Reigns and The Rock can also say that they are a source of fun for their fans. With his arrival, the fans’ entertainment level increases even more. The Rock already calls himself the most electrifying man and the way Roman Reigns has portrayed the character of Tribal Chief is no less than cinema. In such a situation, whenever these two would go anywhere, they would not hesitate to say that WWE runs on only three things: entertainment, entertainment, and entertainment. He is the full package of entertainment for the fans through which crores of fans worldwide enjoy the entertainment to the fullest.

While we are talking about entertainment, nowadays people are not sticking with one kind of entertainment, they always want to try something new, something more interesting, and platforms like grab that taste with their combination of thrilling live games and live entertainment. It’s perfect for the fans who always look for extra fun.

“Maar na! Poora zor laga!

When World Wrestling Entertainment superstars have to face defeat in several consecutive matches in the ring, it hurts them a lot. Similarly, Curt Hawkins once had to face defeat in 269 consecutive matches. The same is the condition of Shinsuke Nakamura who is currently losing matches continuously. By this time Nakamura had lost several consecutive matches. In such a situation, whenever he would see his opponent in the ring, like in the movie Hungama, Rajpal Yadav would get beaten without any reason and would say, “Come, beat me.” The same is the situation with Nakamura at the moment, who would give all his strength without any reason. We are losing matches.

Taarikh Pe Tarikh

When a wrestler is given less opportunity to enter the ring and is constantly asked to wait for the next time, then he would be reminded of Sunny Deol’s film Damini. In which Sunny Deol speaks the dialogue “Taarikh pe Tarikh” in his anger in the court. It seems as if these dialogues are not being spoken by Sunny Deol but by Drew McIntyre and Liv Morgan because they have not got the championship but have only got a new date every time. Actually, at present, Mac and Morgan want to become champions but they are getting only the next date. Let us tell you that while Drew wants the World Heavyweight Championship, Liv also wants to win the Women’s Championship. It is not known whether these two players will succeed in their mission or not, but if they can do so, then the day and date will become immortal in the history of WWE.

Beta Tumse Na Ho Payega

Even though the name Roman Reigns is very famous in the world today, there was a time when there was a lot of push for Roman to enter the WWE ring. But the fans didn’t like it at all. At that time, WWE management must have remembered that dialogue of Ramadhir Singh of “Gangs of Wasseypur” who is now very famous. You will be surprised to know that at present the condition of Karrion Kross is the same which was once very famous. After he entered the ring, the audience started jumping, but at present, the fans are not giving any emotion to Karrion. Karrion Kross feels that the fans are saying that he will not be able to do it.

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