Cyclone Remal: Death toll rises to 28 in Mizoram; rescue ops on

AIZAWL: The death toll from a devastating stone quarry collapse and landslides in the aftermath of cyclone Remal in Mizoram has risen to 28, as rescue operations continue in a desperate bid to locate any remaining survivors.
The tragedy, which has deeply impacted the Melthum area and its surroundings, has prompted a large-scale response involving multiple rescue teams.
The catastrophe occurred at the Melthum quarry in the outskirts of capital town Aizawl, where the collapse has claimed 14 lives.
Additionally, another 14 fatalities have been reported from neighbouring regions, which have experienced severe landslides triggered by Cyclone Remal.
These landslides have compounded the disaster, causing widespread devastation and complicating rescue efforts.
Authorities have resumed search operations in the affected areas, working tirelessly to recover bodies and potentially find survivors.
The rescue mission involves the state disaster response team, paramilitary forces, members of the Young Mizo Association, and local volunteers.
These teams are navigating challenging conditions, including unstable terrain and ongoing weather-related obstacles, to carry out their life-saving work.
Mizoram Chief Minister Lalduhoma has been actively involved in overseeing the rescue operations. On Tuesday, he visited the site of the landslide, offering words of encouragement and assurance to the affected communities. Demonstrating solidarity with the rescuers, Chief Minister Lalduhoma donated Rs 50,000 to the volunteers of the Young Mizo Association, recognizing their crucial role in the rescue efforts alongside state and central teams.
In a bid to provide relief and support to the grieving families, Chief Minister Lalduhoma announced a compensation package of Rs 4 lakh for the next of kin of those who lost their lives in the landslides. This financial aid is intended to offer some measure of solace and assistance during these difficult times.

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