Zonal-level sports competitions continue in Ganderbal

GANDERBAL: The Youth Services and Sports Department is continuing with its numerous sports activities across all the districts of the Union Territory. District Youth Services and Sports Office Ganderbal is successfully continuing inter school Zonal level competitions across the district. Tuesday marked another day of vibrant sporting events as talented young athletes showcased their skills and passion on the field.

Sports Zone Ganderbal took the lead by organizing a dynamic zonal level Football competition for boys under 14 years old. The event, which took place for the second consecutive day, saw 91 students from Zone Ganderbal exhibit their prowess and dedication in the game.

Meanwhile, in Zone Kangan, another exhilarating inter school Zonal level football competition unfolded, attracting approximately 176 young athletes from across the zone.

These competitions serve as crucial platforms to nurture and develop talent, gearing up participants for future district-level competitions where all zones will converge in friendly yet competitive matches.

In parallel, Sports Zone Tullamulla played host to an enthralling inter school Zonal level Handball competition at GHSS Tullamulla and Football competition at MS Guzhama and GMS Kurag. The events garnered a significant turnout of enthusiastic student participants, highlighting the growing interest and enthusiasm for sports in the district.

Sheikh Shafqat Iqbal, District Youth Services and Sports Officer (DYSSO) Ganderbal, expressed his appreciation for all stakeholders involved, acknowledging their relentless efforts and unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of sports among the youth.

These inter school Zonal level competitions not only promote physical activity but also instill values of teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship among the young participants, contributing to their holistic development.

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