How to send HD photos and videos on WhatsApp

Bengaluru: Meta just made sharing HD photos and videos on WhatsApp a lot easier. First introduced a few months ago, WhatsApp allowed users to send multimedia files in high definition. However, to send an image or a video in HD quality, one has to select the HD option every time while selecting media files. With the latest beta update, WhatsApp is introducing a new feature that allows users to automatically send HD images and videos.

Currently available on WhatsApp beta version, users can now set the media quality to upload to either standard or HD. By default, it is set to standard, where, WhatsApp will compress the media file to save storage space and internet. By enabling the HD option, every photo or video shared will be in high resolution. However, it will consume more data and storage and will be slower, especially when sharing multiple media files at once.

To automatically send photos and videos in HD, go to Settings > Storage and data > Media quality upload, and select the HD option. Once enabled, WhatsApp will stop compressing photos and videos shared on WhatsApp. However, do note that, even with the HD option enabled, you won’t be able to send the multimedia in original quality, and to do the same, one needs to attach a media file as a document.

Do note that, if you select the HD option and enable chat backup, then the chat backup size will also significantly increase. Google currently counts WhatsApp backup against the allocated cloud storage space, hence, if you share a lot of high-quality media on WhatsApp, you might have to buy a Google One subscription to back up all your WhatsApp data.


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