SVEEP: B’la admin engages young voters through varied awareness activities at Gulmarg

BARAMULLA: The District Administration Baramulla in collaboration with key stakeholders conducted a series of activities aimed at creating awareness among young voters during an event held at Gulmarg.
Sub Divisional Magistrate Gulmarg, Syed Altaf, Chief Executive Officer of Gulmarg Development Authority, Raja Waseem, and other officers and officials, besides young voters participated in the event.
Several engaging activities were organized throughout the program to educate and empower young individuals about their role in the electoral process. Interactive sessions, informative presentations, and discussions were conducted to enlighten participants about the importance of voter registration, polling procedures, and the significance of exercising their voting rights.
Sub Divisional Magistrate Gulmarg highlighted the pivotal role of youth in shaping the future of the nation and urged them to actively participate in the democratic process. He emphasized the importance of ethical voting practices and encouraged young voters to become responsible citizens by exercising their right to vote.
Chief Executive Officer Gulmarg Development Authority stressed the need for sustained efforts to raise awareness among young voters and ensure their active participation in the electoral process.
The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from young voters, reflecting their eagerness to contribute to the democratic process.
Participants expressed their commitment to spreading awareness among their peers and communities, thus fostering a culture of informed and responsible citizenship.

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