Driverless train runs on tracks from Kathua to Hoshiarpur, major accident averted

Kathua: A major accident was averted after a driverless goods train ran on tracks from Kathua railway station, causing panic. The train was later stopped at Uchi Bassi in Hoshiarpur district of Punjab, officials said.

Officials that the train laden with crusher stones was on a halt at Kathua station and it suddenly started running on tracks without a driver inside it.

They said that after starting the train, driver had gone somewhere but he forgot to put hand breaks on due to which it started moving on a sloppy train and gained speed.

“Railway staff from Dasuya stopped the train at Uchi Bassi by placing wooden blocks on the tracks and reduced its speed, averting a major accident,” they said.

The officials said no damages was reported in the incident and that the Railways has ordered a probe into the incident—(KNO)

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