Basic, intermediate skiing courses organised at Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering

SRINAGAR: The Basic Skiing Course – 63 and Intermediate Skiing Course 18 were organized by JIM &WS at its training area of Sonamarg, attracting a total of 93 participants from across the country. The courses aimed to provide comprehensive training in skiing techniques while fostering a spirit of competition and camaraderie among the trainees.
PRO (Defence), Srinagar in a statement said, “The curriculum encompassed essential skiing skills such as Sliding, Gliding, Schussing, Fall & Recovery, Side Stepping, Snow Plough & Break, Herringbone, Snow Plough Turn, Traverse & Kick Turn, Stem Turn, and Stem Swing. Additionally, participants received medical lectures and engaged in a peak-to-slalom competition.”
Recognitions were awarded to Ms Bhakti Khakkar, Ms SuchitaVerma, Ms MehrBillwaria, Mr Victor, Mr Idris Khurshid Wani, FC (NCC) Mr Mayank Joshi, Mr Ayan Naikand Mr Sheikh Misbah Ul Haque.
Cadet (NCC) Ms Sujata Priyadarshini Sahoo (Girls) and Mr Zubair Ahmad Dar (Boys) were acknowledged for their outstanding performance in slalom skiing and Cadet (NCC) Ms Sujata Priyadarshini Sahoo was recognized as the best overall student.
Intermediate Skiing Course 18 was focused on advanced skiing techniques including Traverse & Kick Turn, Stem Turn, Stem Swing, Dynamic Stem Swing, Parallel Turns, and Weddlen Turn. Similar to the Basic Course, participants also received medical lectures and competed in a peak-to-slalom competition.
Mr Rahil Ahmad Chohan was honored for his proficiency in Langlauf skiing while Mr Rahil Ahmad Chohan showcased exceptional skills in slalom skiing, earning recognition and Mr Nissar Ahmad Dar was awarded the title of the best overall student.
The Basic and Intermediate Skiing Courses organized by JIM & WS provided invaluable opportunities for participants to enhance their skiing abilities, receive expert instruction, and engage in friendly competition. The recognition of outstanding performances further motivated participants to strive for excellence in the sport. These courses not only contributed to the skill development of the participants but also promoted the sport of skiing nationwide.

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