Kindness Towards Humanity holds medical camp at Srinagar New Airport

SRINAGAR: Kindness Towards Humanity Organization, in line with its mission of rendering kindness towards humanity, successfully organized a fabulous event at Humhama Srinagar New Airport on Tuesday from 11 am to 3 pm. The event garnered applause for its success, with approximately 400 patients benefitting from free medical consultations, disease analysis, medical tests, and other associated facilities.
Expressing gratitude, the organization extends heartfelt thanks to various government agencies, including Paras Health, the veteran medical staff, police, Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC), and others, for their exponential support in making the event a success.
Looking ahead, the organization intends to continue organizing such events in the future, solely dedicated to providing selfless help and necessary facilities to those in need. The organization hopes that its endeavors will bring fruitful results and relief to the public in times of necessity.
As a token of appreciation, the organization awarded facilitations to the following staff members: Dr. Jan Mohammad Beigh, Dr. Shabir Ahmed Paul, Dr. Sohini Haldar, Dr. Muzaffar Ahmed Mir, Dr. Beenish Shabir, Mr. Rameez Khan, Mir Shabir Hussain, Mr. Khalid Manzoor, Ward Officer Abdul Majied, Nursing Staff

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