Hajin: In a commendable effort, the Municipal Committee of Hajin in north Kashmir’s Bandipora district swiftly initiated the snow clearance process throughout the town on Sunday morning.
Speaking to Kashmir Reader, Executive Officer Fayaz Ahmad Mir said that dedicated teams and machinery were deployed early morning to ensure the efficient clearing of snow-covered roads, ensuring hassle-free traffic and pedestrian movement.
The first focus was on clearing approach roads leading to hospitals, fire and emergency services, schools, and masjids, aiming to prevent inconveniences for the local residents.
Mir revealed that substantial progress had already been made, with over 90 percent of the town’s roads were successfully cleared. The remaining 10 percent is slated for completion by tomorrow, assuring a comprehensive snow clearance effort.
“I am myself monitoring the situation on ground and ensuring clearance of snow from all roads and streets in the town,” he said.
In an additional directive, Mir stressed the importance of preventing any damage to roads during the snow clearance process. This precautionary measure underscores the committee’s commitment to maintaining infrastructure integrity, ensuring that the clearing operations do not inadvertently impact the town’s road network.
The Municipal Committee’s prompt response and strategic prioritization of essential services reflect a dedication to the well-being of Hajin’s residents, ensuring their safety and convenience during the winter challenges.

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