Vows to revitalize neglected shrine overlooked for 50 years

AWANTIPORA: In a notable effort to safeguard cultural heritage, Dr. Syed Darakhshan Andrabi, the Chairperson of Jammu and Kashmir Waqf Board (MoS), along with Ishtiyaq Mohidin, Tehsildar J&K Waqf board, and Mohammad Tariq Kaloo, Executive Engineer, visited the Hazrat Syed Hassan Mantaqui (RA) Shrine in the Awantipora area of south Kashmir’s Pulwama district on Wednesday.
The Chairperson inaugurated developmental projects and personally inspected the progress of ongoing initiatives, Waqf board officials told Kashmir Reader.
The dignitaries began the day by launching the construction of a Grand Devdi at Ziyarat Sharief and initiating construction activities at Astan Aliya. Dr. Andrabi underscored the significance of preserving these sacred sites and reiterated her dedication to ensuring the successful completion of all construction projects. She specifically emphasized the start of the renovation of Astan Aliya, with the aim of enhancing its beauty for the joy and comfort of pilgrims.
Addressing those gathered, Dr. Syed Darakshan Andrabi urged swift action in initiating the renovation of Astan Aliya, ensuring a seamless experience for pilgrims. She reassured that the Waqf Board, under her leadership, is dedicated to revitalizing these neglected dargahs that have been overlooked for the past fifty years.
Dr. Andrabi affirmed, “The Waqf Board has become very active, and we will not leave these dargahs behind at any cost. Pilgrims visiting Astan Aliya will soon witness a transformation, ensuring a harmonious blend of spirituality and architectural splendor.”
Talking to the media, Dr. Syed Darakshan Andrabi said that today she paid a visit to the Mantaqi (RA) Shrine Awantipora and inaugurated projects that have seen no progress in the last 50 years. Over the past year, work worth 20 lakhs has been completed, whether it’s related to the revered mosque or shrine.
However, the current project here is extensive, requiring substantial work. As the committee chairman informed, there are no basic facilities yet, highlighting the state of neglect over the past 50 years. The committee purchased 150 acres of land, intending to build a university, but unfortunately, it hasn’t yielded any benefits so far. Interestingly, the university acquired an existing building on the land, and other issues have come to light, revealing that the land was bought using funds from our waqf board.
The university is a great initiative by the government, but it should also benefit the waqf. Our existing school is running at a loss, especially since the road diversion has impacted donations and the overall development of the area. We’ll strive to enhance the beauty of this place and undertake other development projects because this shrine is significant for us. People from all over India visit, leave content, and every prayer is answered. We wish to see the area flourishing, including the shrine, she said.

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