Forest Dept addresses environmental concerns, fulfilling rights, demands of underprivileged

Pulwama: In a significant step towards environmental conservation, Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Awantipora, Waseem Farooq Mir, led a day-long visit to the Tral range, demonstrating the Jammu and Kashmir Forest Department’s commitment to sustainable forest management and ecological preservation.
The tour commenced at the Karmulla Forest Block, witnessing active participation from a diverse audience. During the day-long program, approximately two dozen individuals were granted the distribution of Kashmir notices.
DFO Awantipora, Waseem Farooq Mir, seized the opportunity to highlight various initiatives and schemes implemented by the J&K Forest Department. His comprehensive address covered critical aspects such as increasing forest cover, generating livelihoods from forests, ensuring forest protection, implementing the Forest Rights Act, evicting encroachments, promoting ecotourism, and identifying rest houses.
As part of the event, Kashmir notices were served to deserving residents of the Karmulla block, emphasizing the department’s commitment to maintaining a harmonious relationship with local communities.
The tour extended to the Tral Range Office, where DFO Awantipora shed light on ongoing activities, with a special focus on the fire management plan and protection measures. Residents were urged to actively contribute to environmental preservation and forest fire prevention.
Within the Tral Range Office premises, Kashmir notices were distributed among fringe communities in Naristan, Kahlil, and Lam forests. The program also involved distributing firefighting equipment among forest officials to enhance their capabilities in combating and extinguishing forest fires efficiently.
This proactive tour exemplifies the dedication of the J&K Forest Department and DFO Awantipora Waseem Farooq Mir towards fostering sustainable forestry practices, environmental awareness, and community engagement. Such initiatives play a pivotal role in safeguarding forests and promoting a healthier coexistence between nature and humanity.
Local residents praised the department’s endeavors, highlighting the relief extended to economically challenged individuals through these initiatives. Approximately two dozen individuals benefited from the event, signifying its success and positive reception within the community.
DFO Awantipora, Waseem Farooq, emphasized the department’s commitment to addressing the demands of underprivileged residents by distributing approved Kashmir notices, ensuring their rights for repairs. The distribution process will continue in other areas on a panchayat-wise basis, targeting those who qualify for Kashmir notices based on committee reports. Cases received yesterday have been successfully disposed of, ensuring the underprivileged individuals benefit from these initiatives.

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