BJP addresses public concerns in Pampore

Previous political parties ignored Saffron Town: Asif Ganaie

Pampore: In a significant gathering organized by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Saffron Town Pampore on Tuesday, a meeting was led by Vice President and Election Incharge Pulwama, Mohammad Asif Ganai. Around two hundred participants from various areas actively engaged in the program, voicing and highlighting prevalent issues in the region.
During the session, BJP leader Mohammad Asif Ganaie assured attendees that their concerns would be a top priority. He emphasized the negligence faced by Pampore Constituency under previous political parties and pledged the BJP’s commitment to actively resolve lingering issues, envisioning a transformation of Pampore into a model town.
Ganaie pointed out the consistent neglect by previous political parties toward Pampore Constituency, especially Saffron Town Pampore. He asserted the BJP’s dedication to the development of Saffron Town and pledged assistance for the wider community. The BJP’s proactive approach aims to rectify historical neglect and usher in positive change for Pampore’s constituents.
He mentioned that people came to the Pampore Constituency office, and the party has already allocated one day each week to listen to the grievances of the people. On Saturdays, the district president will address local residents’ grievances, and on other days, they will continue to listen to the issues people have, making efforts to resolve them.
Ganaie expressed that people trust the Bhartiya Janta Party, and many individuals came with their grievances during the meeting. The party aims to address genuine problems and challenges faced by the people. He highlighted that previous political parties consistently ignored Pampore Constituency, especially Saffron Town Pampore. The BJP is committed to bringing development to the area, whether it’s related to sports or other aspects. Ganaie expressed the desire for the construction of an indoor stadium in the region to encourage youth and children to actively participate in sports activities.

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