IUST hosts awareness program on solar power generation

Awantipora: The IslamicUniversity of Science and Technology today organised a program aimed at enhancing awareness regarding solar energy adoption for a sustainable lifestyle. The “Awareness Generation Program on Solar Energy Intervention for Sustainable Lifestyle,” was organized by the Centre for Innovations and Entrepreneurship Development, in collaboration with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), Electrical Energy Department, Mantaqi Centre of Science and Society, and the Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies.
The primary objective of the program was not solely the dissemination of solar energy insights but also the cultivation of a collective dedication to sustainable practices. Stakeholders were encouraged to collaborate actively towards a future powered by solar energy.
Addressing the gathering, Prof. A.H. Moon, Dean of Academic Affairs, highlighted the urgency of transitioning away from coal-driven energy sources. He emphasized the necessity for a paradigm shift towards solar power, particularly in addressing the 2000 MW electricity deficit in Kashmir. Prof. Moon also shared insights into IUST’s pioneering initiative of boasting a significant 700 MW solar power capacity on its campus.
Underlining the significance of understanding the sun’s potential, Prof.Naseer Iqbal, Registrar at IUST, stressed the need for an in-depth study to harness its maximum energy.Ms. Palavi Shukla from TERI expanded on “Mission Life,” detailing TERI’s engagement in village awareness programs, sustainable development publications, awareness events, and skill development training, all contributing to a sustainable future.
Prof. Sheikh Javed Ahmad emphasized the shifting societal energy demands and the current reliance on hydro power in Kashmir. He stressed the imperative transition to solar power, especially considering reduced hydro power production during winters. The program also featured insightful sessions by Dr.Keerti from the Department of Ecology, Environment, and Remote Sensing, Jammu, and Mr. AkifFarooqui, Project Manager at TERI.


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