‘Newly approved Hallan-Chiranbal road to become gateway to prosperity by boosting tourism economy’

Kulgam: The newly approved Hallan Mazgam road linking remote communities of the Hallan Chiranbal area will be a game changer and is going to become a gateway to prosperity by boosting the tourism economy and paving a safe route for the migratory people to reach meadows along with their livestock.
It was informed by Executive Engineer R&B Division D.H.Pora that this transformative Hallan-Chiranbal connectivity has been approved under NABARD RIDF with an approved cost of 8.88 crore. It was also informed that for the timely completion of this project, NABARD has already released a 30% mobilization advance of 2.6 crore to the R&B department.
Revealing the importance of the road, Deputy Commissioner Kulgam Dr.Bilal-Mohi-Ud-Din-Bhat (IAS) said that the road will not only provide all-weather connectivity to the people of Hallan and other areas but will also provide accessibility to adventure-loving people to explore the unexplored places like Chiranbal meadows. The name ‘Chiranbal’ is the combination of two Kashmiri words – Chir, which means lamb and Bal, which means place.
The place has mostly been popular among shepherds, who take their cattle in the summer season to Chiranbal for grazing purposes.
The pastoralists on the move from Jammu planes to high elevations of Kashmir would find this a place perfect for themselves in many ways – an escape from the scorching heat, availability of grass in plenty and a stream for survival.
The river that flows through the meadow is known as the Zajinar River, which exceptionally gives it all the charm and night campers mostly like bobbing waters. The nature lovers also visting this area erect their tents alongside the river and relax the moments by its sounding and gushing water.
Chiranbal has great potential for fishing, rafting, and photography. Also, the district admin is planning to hold a horse-riding race in the vast meadows of Chiranbal.
The mountain range Brahma Sakli peaks overlook the whole Chiranbal, and from here, travellers can go further in their adventurous places and beautiful alpine lakes like, Bramsar, Chirsar, Duitsar, and Inderser. This place is the base camp for other trekking places/meadows like Zajmargh, Kadalibal, Hakwass and Kongwattan. Moreover, the famous Kousarnag is behind the mountain that overlooks Chiranbal.
People from the area have extended their gratitude to the government for approval of the road and are hoping for early and timely completion of this ambitious road project.

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