EJAC President calls for restoring RR facility to private school students

Srinagar: The President of the Employees Joint Action Committee Jammu Kashmir (EJAC), Fayaz Ahmad Shabnam, expressed deep concern over the non-restoration of the R.R. facility to students of private schools and their subsequent tagging by the Board of School Education. He urges the government to adopt a more compassionate approach.
In a statement issued here, Shabnam conveyed his dismay and strong objection to the Board of School Education’s decision not to reinstate facilities like R.R. and examination forms for students enrolled in private schools constructed on non-proprietary land. He emphasized the invaluable contribution of these schools to society over the past three decades, underscoring their vital role in education.
The EJAC president emphasized that the government should refrain from adopting a stringent policy towards these institutions and, instead, provide encouragement for their commendable services in education and employment. He urged the government to formulate a positive policy for these institutions, ensuring they are not subjected to unnecessary harassment.
Highlighting the integral role of these schools in keeping the flame of education alive, Shabnam pointed out that the local communities willingly provided patches of land to these institutions for the greater good. He voiced concern over the tagging of students from these schools with others, stating that it contradicts the spirit of the Right to Education.
He expressed worries about the far-reaching effects of such actions on the social fabric, potentially depriving thousands of highly educated youth of their livelihoods and jeopardizing the jobs of employees engaged in non-scholastic activities in these institutions.
Addressing the issue of tagging, Fayaz stressed the need for a humanitarian resolution, highlighting the negative impacts on jobs and society. He underscored the broader and macro-level role of these schools in employment generation, crucial for the region.
He called upon the government, the Department of School Education, and especially the Chief Secretary, to uphold the orders of the High Court. He urged the Board of School Education to honor the court’s directions/orders in this matter, keeping in mind the best interests of the stakeholders and the general public.
The Employees Joint Action Committee expressed hope that justice would prevail, ensuring relief for students and parents, allowing them to prepare for upcoming annual examinations without unnecessary worries.

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