KTA welcomes timely project completion directive by Div Com

Srinagar: The Kashmir Trade Alliance on Friday expressed its sincere appreciation for the proactive measures taken by Divisional Commissioner VK Bidhuri, who issued crucial directives to ensure the timely completion of development projects in the Valley. The trade body said it welcomes the Commissioner’s commitment to fostering progress and growth within the Kashmir Valley.
In a statement, President KTA, Aijaz Shahdhar said that Div Com VK Bidhuri emphasized the importance of adhering to project timelines, underscoring the significance of efficient execution to accelerate economic development. The Kashmir Trade Alliance lauds this approach, recognizing the positive impact it will have on various sectors, including trade and commerce.
Furthermore, the Alliance extends its gratitude to the administration for addressing the concerns of shopkeepers affected by road widening initiatives in Srinagar. VK Bidhuri’s directive includes provisions for the proper rehabilitation of these shopkeepers, ensuring a fair and just transition for businesses impacted by infrastructure development, Shahdhar said
Shahdhar stated, “We appreciate the Divisional Commissioner’s commitment to timely project completion, which is crucial for the economic prosperity of the region. This proactive approach aligns with our vision for a vibrant and thriving business environment in Kashmir.”
The Alliance acknowledges the challenges associated with road widening projects but emphasizes the long-term benefits for both citizens and businesses. The appeal to the administration for proper rehabilitation reflects the Trade Alliance’s dedication to ensuring that development initiatives consider the well-being of all stakeholders.
As the Kashmir Valley looks forward to a period of accelerated growth and infrastructural enhancement, the Kashmir Trade Alliance remains optimistic about the positive outcomes that will result from the collective efforts of the administration and the business community.

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