‘More power to you’: 65-yr-old Pakistani man enrolls in first grade, netizens cheer him on

Karachi: Dilawar Khan, a 65-year-old resident of Dir Upper in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, has embarked on an extraordinary educational journey by enrolling in the first grade at Government Primary School Khongsai. Khan’s story is not just a personal milestone but a beacon of inspiration for those who believe that age is a hindrance to education.
Born into a poor household, Khan faced the stark reality of prioritising familial responsibilities over personal educational pursuits in his youth. However, he has now chosen to challenge the status quo and rewrite his narrative by stepping into a classroom at an age when many contemplate retirement.
He believes that the pursuit of knowledge is a responsibility that transcends age, and his enrolment in the first grade is a bold statement against the societal expectations that often confine individuals to predefined roles based on age.
His decision challenges the conventional norms prevalent in “desi society,” where familial responsibilities and societal expectations often take precedence over personal aspirations.
Government Primary School Khongsai has welcomed Dilawar Khan with open arms, celebrating his determination to rewrite the script of his life. The school administration has expressed support for his educational journey, emphasising the importance of lifelong learning and the positive impact it can have on individuals and communities.
Users on Instagram praised Dilawar for his determination and thirst for knowledge. One user wrote, “More power to you Dilawar Khan, age is just a number, be proud of yourself my brother,” while a second user commented, “Massive respect for this man!!!”
“Big up to you,” yet another netizen cheered him on.



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