Pampore: In a determined move to tackle power theft, the Power Development Department, Sub Division Pampore, has launched a crackdown in Saffron Town Pampore and surrounding areas of Electric Division Awantipora.
The campaign, spearheaded by Assistant Executive Engineer (AEE) PDD Javaid Ahmad Tak, and Junior Engineer (JE) Pampore Haamid Wani, aims to address the escalating concerns related to power pilferage in the region.
Officials from KPDCL conducted thorough inspections to identify and penalize instances of power theft, recognizing it as a significant contributor to the ongoing power crisis. The initiative not only underscores the gravity of the issue but also reflects a commitment to maintaining fair and efficient electricity distribution.
AEE Javaid Ahmad Tak, speaking to Kashmir Reader, stated that the inspection drive was initiated in response to the prevailing power crisis, where excessive electricity usage was noted. The special inspection team, affiliated with the direction office, conducts inspections for two days every week in different areas of the Pampore sub-division. Additionally, a team from the circle office also arrives to conduct inspections in Sub Division Pampore.
The inspection team covers various areas within the sub-division’s jurisdiction, conducting inspections from morning till evening, occasionally performing night inspections. The goal is to identify and address instances of crude heating or situations where individuals are exceeding the sanctioned power load.
Emphasizing the need for judicious use of power, AEE Javaid Ahmad urged residents to use only the amount of power they genuinely need. He highlighted the limited power supply due to low water levels in the Jhelum River during winter, impacting power generation in Kashmir.
With a reduced overall power supply, the AEE appealed to residents to collectively use resources more efficiently, suggesting measures such as using one geyser among four individuals instead of using four simultaneously. This, he explained, would contribute to more efficient energy utilization and potentially lead to increased supply hours.
The AEE shed light on the broader power generation scenario in Kashmir, citing challenges with the Baglihar Hydroelectric Power Project’s generation capacity. Despite an installed capacity of 250 megawatts, only around 40 megawatts are generated, leading to a shortfall that necessitates importation and resulting in curtailments.

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