Community outreach prog on gynaecological health disorders held at IUST

Awantipora: The Office of Community Connect, Islamic University of Science and Technology in collaboration with the University Health Centre today organized a program on “Awareness about Gynaecological Health Disorders”, that witnessed wide participation of women from the local community of Awantipora along with the students, faculty and staff of IUST. The program was aimed to promote health education among women and extend the benefits of educational and health-related programs to the local community.
The main speaker of the program was Dr. Anjum Malik, senior gynaecologist from SKIMS Bemina, who provided concise and pertinent insights into common gynaecological disorders. Prof. Lily Want, IUST Dean Outreach highlighted the program’s significance in the university’s broader outreach initiatives, calling community outreach as one of the primary responsibilities of educational institutions. Dr. Zahida, University Medical Officer, and Ms. Shazana Andrabi, IUST Community Outreach Coordinator also interacted with the participants of the program. The panellists responded to multiple questions related to different aspects of gynaecological health.
Earlier this week, the Department of Architecture at IUST, in collaboration with the Office of Dean Outreach, organized one-day workshop on Portfolio building with Fulbright Fellows, Mr. Umar Farooq from University of Georgia Tech and Mr. Taha Mughal from the University of Pennsylvania, serving as key experts. The workshop was aimed to empower students for higher education pursuits and industry placements. The highlight of the workshop was the live demonstration, where students were guided through the process of creating portfolios using their academic assignments, imparting first-hand practical skills under expert guidance.

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