J&K shines bright: Two students emerge as top innovators in INSPIRE MANAK Awards 2023

Srinagar: In an extraordinary display of brilliance and innovation, the students of Jammu and Kashmir have made their mark on the national stage by securing prestigious spots at the 10th National Level and Project Competition (NLEPC) of the INSPIRE MANAK Awards. Dr Sajad Ahmad Mir, the Nodal Officer for INSPIRE MANAK in Jammu and Kashmir, brings forth the inspiring stories of Adil Rashid Bara and Preeti Devi, who have risen above the ordinary to capture the limelight.
During the 2021-2022 period, an astonishing 70,5000 ideas were submitted nationwide to the INSPIRE MANAK initiative. Surprisingly, 11,000 of these groundbreaking ideas sprang from the picturesque landscapes of Jammu and Kashmir. After enduring a gruelling selection process at school, district, and union territory/state levels, a total of 441 remarkable ideas advanced to the 10th NLEPC of INSPIRE MANAK.
What sets this achievement apart is that 17 of these distinguished projects originate from Jammu and Kashmir. Of these, 11 hailed from the Kashmir Division, and 6 from the Jammu Division. The top 60 projects selected under the aegis of DST/NIF have now been officially recognized.
In a momentous twist, Adil Rashid Bara, a student from High School Lachampora in Kupwara, and Preeti Devi, representing High School, Chinkah, Reasi, have risen to the top 60 at the 10th NLEPC of INSPIRE MANAK. Their remarkable feat has earned them the privilege of support from the National Innovation Foundation (NIF), under the Government of India, for the development, patenting, and promotion of their groundbreaking technologies. This recognition took place at a national-level event presided over by the Union Minister of Science and Technology himself, Dr Jitendra Singh.
Adil and Preeti were honoured by Dr Jitendra Singh in a ceremony that celebrated their unwavering commitment to innovation. Adil’s journey, in particular, is nothing short of touching and inspirational. Witnessing a neighbour lose both hands in a house fire, he took it upon himself to design an affordable tool to assist individuals facing similar challenges. Adil’s story is a testament to the power of determination and the endless possibilities that arise when talented young minds are given a platform to shine.
Preeti Devi, on the other hand, is the second student from Jammu and Kashmir to be recognized among the top 60 innovators in INSPIRE MANAK. Her journey began during a classroom lecture on natural disaster management, where she was inspired to design an emergency convertible window ladder. This invention reflects her family’s dedication to education, with her father serving as a teacher at her school.
The future for these young innovators is promising, with the Government of India extending its support through the National Innovation Foundation (NIF) for the development, patenting, and eventual marketing of their groundbreaking technologies. Dr Sajad Ahmad Mir rightly states that this remarkable achievement not only brings honour to Jammu and Kashmir but also underscores the remarkable potential of young minds when given the opportunity to innovate and create.
In a gracious gesture, he expresses gratitude to the mentor teachers, zonal Nodal Officers, District Nodal Officers, Joint Director SCERT, J&K, Director Finance School Education Department, J&K, Director SCERT J&K, and prominent figures in the education sector, all of whom have played their part in nurturing these remarkable students.
Dr Sajad Ahmad Mir’s written book, “The Art of Innovations: INSPIRE MANAK Pioneering the Future World,” is available online on Amazon and delves into the journeys of students from Jammu and Kashmir who have been selected for the INSPIRE MANAK Awards. This remarkable accomplishment showcases the incredible potential of young minds and is a moment of immense pride for the Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory.
As these two young innovators prepare to shape a promising future with their revolutionary ideas, their success serves as an inspiration to us all. Jammu and Kashmir has indeed shone brightly on the national stage, and the stories of Adil Rashid Bara and Preeti Devi are a testament to the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.

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