Bollywood actor Lalit Parimoo visits KU, interacts with students

‘Our youth are talented, they only need some polishing’

Srinagar: Famous television and film actor Lalit Parimoo gave a special lecture at the Media Education Research Centre (MERC), University of Kashmir. The lecture was attended by the students, scholars and faculty members of the department.
In his lecture Parimoo highlighted the importance of theatre as an effective medium of communication. He said that historically theatre developed as a medium of communication and catharsis.
“Theatre has always played a pivotal role in the development of society and in keeping it anchored to moral values,” Parimoo said.
Parimoo said that the youth here are very talented, they only need some polishing for which he and his friends are taking some initiatives very soon.
Lalit Parimoo is an Indian film and television actor. He is best known for playing the scientist “Dr. Jaikaal” in the superhero series Shaktimaan. Parimoo has acted in a number of Bollywood films including Haider, and as a professor in Agent Vinod. Parimoo has also written a book titled Main Manushya Hoon (I am a Human).
Citing examples from his long career in the entertainment industry Parimoo said that the main purpose of art is to instil and encourage sublime values in a society.
“Through the work of art and creativity you should try and plant a sublime idea in the minds of people so that your art becomes sensible and productive and you contribute positively to the society,” he added.
Encouraging students to overcome shyness and inhibitions, Parimoo told them to focus all their energies in learning the craft and skill of storytelling through the medium of theatre and cinema and then experiment with the craft.
He said that we need more and more writers and directors who are willing to transform the society into a better society.
Parimoo advised students to read Sanskrit, Hindi and Urdu plays to understand their roots and hone their skills as communication professionals.
Parimoo said that because of his emotional connection with the motherland- Kashmir he feels that he should do something for his people and society.
Parimoo along with some local filmmakers is planning to have a three months acting workshop in the valley under the banner of newly created J&K Film and Dramatic Arts Academy.

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