Pampore: Tazeema Akhtar, a District Development Council (DDC) member from Pampore who had previously resigned from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has rekindled her association with the party.
The development unfolded on Sunday when she was welcomed back by senior PDP leader Mir Zahoor Ahmad in the presence of party supporters and colleagues.
Tazeema Akhtar’s decision to rejoin the PDP comes after her brief stint with the Apni Party, which she joined earlier in May this year.
Zahoor expressed his pleasure over Akhtar’s decision to return to the party. “We are delighted to welcome Tazeema Akhtar back to the PDP family. Her experience and commitment will undoubtedly strengthen our efforts to serve the people of Pampore and the entire constituency,” he said.
Tazeema, while speaking at the event, highlighted the reasons behind her return to the PDP. “I have always been committed to the welfare of the people of Pampore. After careful consideration, I have decided that my vision aligns more closely with the principles and goals of the Peoples Democratic Party,” she said.

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