Change Is Permanent – A Small Change Is Always The Most Significant  

Change Is Permanent – A Small Change Is Always The Most Significant   

Well, today I am going to share some lines about “change” and why it is important to adopt the change and become enduring. From philosophers to poets and scientists to commoners, change holds a perennial impact.  Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, has aptly said, “There is nothing permanent except change”. Humans have this inborn capability to bring change to their lives. Since no one wants to live a monotonous and boring life and one wishes to see change every day.

If you don’t make way for a change it could result in serious consequences that can gravely affect your mental and physical health. Stress and depression are the most common ailments people suffer when they don’t get a chance to change their life patterns over a longer period of time. Take for example an office-going person who hasn’t taken a vacation for more than a year, his office pressure will seep down into his personal life and he would feel stressed even at home. That’s why in various institutions and organisations, where employees are given the opportunity to go on a couple of week’s vacations with their family, so they can have a change of atmosphere, a change of surroundings and take their mind away from the daily office work. In the same way, students too need a change. That’s why they have summer and winter breaks that range from two to three months during the year.

People, who study for two continuous hours, often, reach a saturation point when all that they are studying makes no sense and they eventually lose their concentration. It feels as if everything is passing on the top of their head. Here, it is felt that they also need a break of half an hour to have a little snack or go out for a walk for a change. When you resume your studies you feel fresh and regain your concentration. Life is all about change and you can spot this change everywhere. In politics, governments change after every five years. In sports, team captains change. In academics, principals and deans change. Automobile manufacturers introduce new cars with different designs; novelists take up new themes for their future novels. In short, change is everywhere. Through this write-up, I wish to spread a word of advice to all young readers that they all must give change a chance to enter their lives. It doesn’t matter that change has to be big like buying an expensive car or an i phone in every six months. A small change is always the most significant. For instance, you can call a friend of yours whom you haven’t talked to in weeks. Or if you have become a voracious reader, you can also read yourself to introspect for a change. You can also bring change by spending a day at your best friends’ home, once a month and inviting him to your place. One has to make sure that life is changing because change is the only single variable in our lives. So, change your lifestyle, your mood, your attitude, the fragrance you wear, your wardrobe, your books, the sports you play and whatever you can. You will certainly feel the difference when you transform your life from time to time, because “change is life”

Last, but not least,  I am reminded of Henri Bergson, He says, “To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.”

The author is a teacher and can be reached at [email protected]

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