Today Youth Carry Bats & Balls Not Grenades & Bullets: DGP

Says Attempts On To Wipe Out Remnants Of Militancy In J&K

Srinagar: Attempts are being made round-the-clock to wipe out the remnants of militancy in Jammu and Kashmir and the “enemy” is finding it hard to digest the prevailing peace, police chief Dilbag Singh said here on Sunday.
Singh was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the 71st BN Mullik Memorial All India Police Football Championship at the Bakshi Stadium here.
Asked about the targeted killings, especially of minorities, in the Valley, Singh said while some incidents are taking place, violence has largely come down.
“Targeted killings have also come down. Some incidents take place sometimes but we take those seriously and counter measures are being taken. Attempts are on day and night to wipe out the remnants of (militancy) and these will continue,” Singh, the Director General of police, said.
The police chief also expressed happiness that youngsters who used to “play with grenades” are today taking part in sporting activities.
“Today, they have bats and balls and the message of peace rather than grenades in their hands. I want to congratulate my people, my youth for this,” he said.
Singh, however, asserted that violence in Jammu and Kashmir has not totally ended.
“We have to remain cautious and alert. While we are moving forward on the path of peace, the enemy is finding it hard. The path of peace is getting stronger but our enemies cannot digest it. Our youth have to remain cautious and not fall prey to Pakistan’s lust for violence and think about their families, society and its development,” Singh said.
Referring to pro-Pakistan forces and Pakistani agencies, Singh said they have always indulged in violence in Kashmir and do not like peace here.
“I want to appeal to our youth that the time has come to make these evil designs unsuccessful and strengthen peace,” he added.
Asked about the chances of infiltration along the Line of Control in the wake of melting snow, the police chief said the odds of infiltration increase whenever the snow melts.
“However, infiltration is in control to a larger extent than before and if there are any such attempts, we will foil those. We have taken all measures,” he said.
Singh also accused Pakistani agencies of running narcotics and militancy together in Jammu and Kashmir.
“We have seized many such assignments. Both these things (narcotics and ammunition) are coming together. Even cash, which is being used for militancy.
“In Poonch, we seized cash of about Rs 1.5 crore, weapons, seven kilograms of heroin. This money made from the sale of narcotics is being used for terrorism. Our endeavour is to bust, end all such modules,” he said.
Asked about the raids by the State Investigation Agency and the police’s Special Investigation Unit into militant funding, he said these agencies and the National Investigation Agency are working together to root out such cartels.
“We have joined the Narcotics Control Bureau as well. Such cartels, which have inter-state ramifications or operations, will be destroyed on every level. For that, a joint effort is needed and we are doing that,” he added.
On the attachment of properties of those harbouring militants, the senior official said such steps are taken only after investigations.
“It is not a game that is being played. If it is found that the property owner has used his property (for militancy) by his own will, then such an action is taken. Otherwise no action is taken.
“We warn people regularly not to use their properties for such acts. If someone is driving (militants) in his car and we seize it, is it wrong? If anyone is allowing them inside his home, and it is used for a (militant) activity, is it wrong when we attach it? We will not forgive any such act,” he said.
Earlier, Intelligence Bureau Director Tapan Kumar Deka, who is also chairman of the All India Police Sports Control Board, and Singh threw open the tournament.
About 1,600 players and support staff from a record 42 teams — 34 men’s and eight women’s — are participating in the nine-day event.

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