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Now, I will talk about the Patwar system. It was introduced by Sher Shah Suri many hundred years ago and from that time, the workload increased manifold. Today’s patwari has a heavy workload despite working 24×7. Nonetheless, the government has overhauled the revenue department and has brought a revolution through the digitization of records and bringing it on the portal ‘Aap Ki Zameen Aap Ki Nigrani’ for the common people, which is indeed a landmark achievement.
But this history was possible only by the restless work done by patwaris. No doubt, they have to complete these assignments as part of their profession but they are not given due benefit as is evident from the strike of patwaris across the Jammu division who urge the government to redress their already agreed demands. A large number of patwaris held protests in front of the Office of the Divisional Commissioner Jammu. They raised slogans regarding technical grade, timely department promotions and quota of Naib Tehsildars from 50 to 75 percent and the creation of GQ circles. Assurance was given by the previous Revenue Secretary in March 2022 that all the demands will be fulfilled within a month but, as per the statements of the patwaris, only one demand has been fulfilled.
The Ex-Commissioner Secretary and many other officers have pointed out that patwaris have played a major role in the process of digitization and even many were given certificates. The digitization of revenue records, especially the newly written Jamabandies, was a dream come true made by the hard work done by patwaris. Now, patwaris are decrying that the entire record has been digitalized and even a good step ahead they are being provided computers but their basic demand is that they must be given technical grade and it must be from 2400 to 2800.
The officers at the helm of affairs know that patwari has neither self-care nor time for their families due to their hectic schedules. Many patwaris have lifestyle issues and are stressed. One knows that unhealthy employees in any form cost employers a lot and one among them is inefficient work culture. Employers should prioritize employees’ wellness by making it compulsory to create an employee wellness programme. Ad our wellness programme is grade pay. Patwaris have made statements that they have worked tirelessly and with the support of the government, the grade pay file that was lingering for many years is at its last leg for final disposal.
While the government has done a lot and it has been ensured that this department embraces a greater sense of transparency and accountability in its actions, it has worked with a good initiative over the past couple of years and has really helped shape the thinking and attitude towards common masses.
Now, the new administrative head Dr Piyush Singla has assumed the charge and, as he has worked in key positions in the administration, especially as Deputy Commissioner Anantnag, he is aware of the work done by patwaris and one hopes that he will continue to get better. The grade pay file of patwaris must be approved immediately. Patwaris are concerned about their work and Piyush Singla Ji doesn’t compromise on the happiness of employees in their pursuit of profit. He knows that employees must be productive and there must be a family-like situation in the department as he created in Anantnag.
This author welcomes the leadership of Piyush Singla Ji for the best steps that he started. The kind of opportunity I have had in my office during his tenure as Deputy Commissioner gave me and my family a lifetime of prosperity and I hope your good self will give same prosperity to my all colleagues too in the form of Grade Pay.

Author is In-charge Record Room DC Office Anantnag


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