Pakistan rejects ‘spate of false terrorism-related assertions’

Islamabad: Pakistan on Sunday rejected what it called the “recent spate of false terrorism-related assertions” made by India against it in which some “detached” incidents were being distorted and presented as a “so-called terror plot” against it, including a “Mumbai-style” attack being planned.
The Foreign Office said that in order to build on this orchestrated “terrorism” narrative against Pakistan, the media reported that India had intercepted a message from a Pakistani’ WhatsApp number as well as seized an empty boat’ in Maharashtra along with some weapons.
Some segments of the Indian media have “deceitfully sought” to link these to the preposterous claims about a so-called “Mumbai-style” attack being planned. Separately, the Indian media have also reported that the Indian intelligence and border forces were on high alert for possible cross-border infiltration’ attempts along Rajauri, the FO said in a statement.
“All this is nothing but continuation of the sinister Indian design to yet again raise the terrorism’ bogey to malign Pakistan. We reject these allegations and Indian machinations outrightly, FO said.
“Pakistan firmly rejects the recent spate of false terrorism-related assertions made by India in which some detached alleged incidents are being distorted and presented as a so-called terror’ plot against India,” it said.
The FO statement comes a day after officials in India said on Saturday that Mumbai police has received text messages warning of a “26/11-like” attack on the city from a phone number with Pakistan’s country code and a person has been detained in this connection.
While one message said that six people will execute the attack, another said preparations were on to blow up Mumbai which will bring back the memories of the 26/11 attack, according to officials.
The threat messages were received a day after a yacht was found off the Raigad coast near Mumbai with AK-47 rifles and live rounds on board, causing a scare, although officials said that there was no terror angle in it.
Pakistan also called upon India not to make any mistake as Islamabad is ready and resolute and is fully capable of effectively responding to any misadventure, the FO said.
The FO said that India should also be held accountable for alleged violations of human rights in Kashmir.


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