HAS to hold a seminar on Sonawari Amin Kamil, Akhtar Mohi-ud-Din.

Hajan: An important meeting of the Editorial Board and Research Committee of Halqa Adab Sonawari was held in Hajan on Sunday under the chairmanship of Halqa President Shakir Shafi.
The meeting took some important decisions regarding the publication of the “Wallerk Maller” and the research program. Dr. Riaz-ul-Hassan, general secretary of the HAS and editor of Wallerk Mallar”, informed that all the material for ” Wallerk Mallar” has been collected and its composing will be completed soon.
With reference to the research program in today’s meeting, it was decided that the history of HAS will be written under the supervision of Dr. Firdous Ahmed, Dr. Riaz-ul-Hassan and in English under the supervision of Dr. Sajjad Rashid and Meraj Bin Saif ,Dr. Amin Fayyaz. will perform their duty.
The HAS President informed the participants that a meeting of the General Council of the HAS would be held in February and it would provide details of the work done during 2021 and also outline New Year’s programs. He said that the HAS intends to hold a special seminar this year on two great creators of Kashmiri literature, Amin Kamil and Akhtar Mohi-ud-Din. For which the working committee will take the final decision. These seminars will be held as part of the Golden Mountains of the Literary Center Kamraz.
Other members who attended the meeting included Dr. Amin Fayyaz, Sheikh Ghulam Muhammad, Majeed Majazi and Dr. Firdous Ahmed.


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