Dismissal of employees sending wrong signal: Tarigami

Dismissal of employees sending wrong signal: Tarigami

Srinagar: CPI(M) leader Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami on Wednesday said the summary dismissal of employees with suspected militant links was sending a wrong signal to the workforce in Jammu and Kashmir.

He urged the UT administration to afford the affected persons a hearing before taking a final decision.

“If at all, there are serious allegations against anybody, the procedure is laid down, which is to give them a notice, provide them an opportunity of being heard. That is the least which the government should do,” Tarigami said.

He was reacting to the administration’s decision to terminate six employees for suspected terror links.

The communist leader said the administration should also consider the impact of these summary dismissals on the general working and psyche of the employees.

“Virtually, it sends a message of creating fear among the larger sections of the employees and, I am afraid, it will impact the psyche and the working of the government employees adversely,” he said.

Tarigami said employees are the instruments of carrying forward the development and governance agenda.

“This is a machinery and if this machinery is frightened or demoralised, it will affect the functioning of the government itself,” he added. PTI

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