Covid-19 guideline violations: 1781 violators fined throughout the Kashmir valley. Police

July 22: Continuing its efforts to curb the outbreak of 2nd wave of Coronavirus, * during the last 24 hours Police have realized fine to the tune of ₹2,00,350/- from 1781 people throughout the Kashmir valley for violating the various guidelines/rules/SOPs regarding Covid-19.

The special drive against the violators of Covid-19 guidelines/rules continued throughout all the districts of Kashmir Valley to ensure that people adhere to SOPs/guidelines envisaged by the government to curb Covid-19 pandemic.

Community members are once again requested to cooperate with the Police in containing the spread of Coronavirus by following the SOPs/ guidelines/protocols for their own safety and for the safety of others. The special drive shall continue throughout the districts of Kashmir Valley to strengthen the safety measures.

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