Kashmir records steep rise in Covid cases in April: over 65% in 21 days

Kashmir records steep rise in Covid cases in April: over 65% in 21 days

Anantnag: More than 65 percent of Covid-19 positive cases recorded in Kashmir this year so far have been reported in 21 days of April while more than 37 percent deaths due to the virus have also occurred within this time frame.

According to the official figures on Coronavirus, ten districts of Kashmir have witnessed a cumulative 19607 cases since January 1. 113 people have also died of the virus since the same date.

“The intensity of this fresh surge can be gauged by the fact that 12861 cases out of these 19607 have been witnessed since April 1 only. This means that only the 21 days of April have contributed 65.59 percent of the cases to be precise,” an official privy to data on Covid-19 told Kashmir Reader.

He said that 42 people have also died in these 21 days, at an average of two people per day, out of the 113 people who have died so far in 2021, “Which is roughly 37 percent of the total death toll this year,”

The official data suggests that a steep decline from last year’s numbers was witnessed in January this year after only 1170 cases were recorded in the first month of the year, coupled with 29 deaths.

The cases dipped down further in the month of February and only 1459 cases were witnessed in the month. “17 people lost their life to the Virus in February as well, but things were still very much in control,” the official said.

March witnessed a slight increase, comparatively, and only 3517 cases were recorded through the month-with 25 people also losing their life. “Now that when we look back, it looks nothing in comparison to what is happening right now,” the official said.

The first day of April, he said, started with 361 cases and the numbers have been relentless ever since. The highest single day spike was observed on April 21, with 1299 fresh cases being reported from across the ten districts of Kashmir valley.

“If we look back at the month, the numbers have been inevitable with only 361 on April 1 to almost double on only the day 10 of the month. And the way things are going the numbers are only going to increase in the coming days,” the official said.

Meanwhile, Srinagar district continues to be the worry. 7113 fresh cases have been witnessed in the district in the first 21 days of April while 20 people have died.

“7113 cases out of 12k across the valley means 55 percent of the cases are coming from Srinagar and around 50 percent of the deaths as well,” the official said, adding that the population argument should be overlooked for Anantnag and Baramulla have the same population as Srinagar and way too low numbers of positive cases than Srinagar.

Anantnag district has witnessed only 555 cases since April 1, while Baramulla district has the second highest numbers-2015. Shopian district in South Kashmir presents a picture of hope with only 132 new cases and no deaths in the month of April so far.

“Fingers crossed, South Kashmir is overall doing good and the numbers look contained moreor less. Pulwama with 499 cases and Kulgam with only 531 do not present a bad picture as well if we compare the numbers to Srinagar or Baramulla,” the official said


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