Mayor for greater liaison among SMC, health, educational institutes to fight Covid

Srinagar: The Mayor Srinagar Junaid Azim Matttu today chaired a meeting with the Heads of prominent Educational Institution of Srinagar City along with representatives of School Education Department to review the initiatives to be taken ahead of opening of Educational Institutions in Srinagar City from 01St of March 2021 to tackle the COVID-19 Situation.
During the course of meeting the following instructions were conveyed to be followed:
i. Maintaining of SOP’s.
ii. Social Distancing.
iii. Installation of Wash points within schools.
iv. Wearing of masks.
v. Conducting of thermal checks.
vi. Sanitization/ Fumigation with use of safe chemicals.
vii. Establishment of Isolation rooms.
viii. Designating of protocol officer in each institutions to liaison with SMC & other health institutions.
Besides this Mayor said The School Education Department shall supervise the process of opening of schools and ensure proper safety measures prior to re-opening.
All the Educational institutions shall maintain Health & Sanitation standards and It shall be ensured that the teaching/non- teaching staff gets tested for COVID-19 before opening of schools said Mattu.
During the course of meeting Mattu stressed The Solid Waste Management Officer, SMC shall share the Solid Waste Management guidelines with the Educational institutions who shall maintain proper protocol of attendance and transportation of respective schools.
Mattu further said the Senior Superintendent of Police (Traffic), Regional Transport Officer shall see if some relaxation is provided to the transporters operating in the schools with regard to revalidation/ renewal of documents. However, there shall be no compromise on insurance of vehicles.
Directions were also passed that The Chief Medical Officer Srinagar shall constitute a dedicated team of officers to supervise the functioning of schools as per COVID-19 protocol.
The Joint Commissioner (Works)/ Nodal Officer, Swachh Bharat Mission was directed to ensure that the CT/PT’s constructed in Amira Kadal, Nawa Kadal, Jawahar Nagar and other educational institutions are opened before 1st March 2021.
Moreover, Proposals for construction of such toilets in other institutions shall also be worked out.


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