Take steps to deal with this crisis caused due to closure of Sgr- Jammu highway: Ajaz Shahdhar

Srinagar : Expressing grave concern over shortage of essential commodities and medicines in the Valley as a result of closure of Srinagar-Jammu Highway, Kashmir Trade Alliance has demanded to keep food, fuel, gas and medicines available on an emergency basis Ajaz Shahdhar, President, Kashmir Trade Lines, said that the continuous closure of Srinagar-Jammu Highway has resulted in shortage of other commodities in the Valley where petrol, diesel, food items, gas and medicines have also become scarce.
“As a result of the unavailability of these things, people have been facing great difficulties, while the voices of the people are being heard in the desert,” he said.
Shahdhar said Chilai Kalan has made life miserable and in those coldest days of winter, after the scarcity of electricity, now the shameful gas shortage has also put people in trouble. He said that in the absence of essential commodities, these items were being sold at extra prices in the bazaar, and the concerned departments were also quietly watching the spectacle. He pointed out the shortage of food items and especially medicines.
He said that the provincial administration should take immediate steps to deal with this crisisAjaz Shahdhar said that the stock of medicines has run out and life-saving medicines are also running out, as a result of which the Patients and their families deeply concerned He said that according to tradition in the valley, stocks of essential commodities, fuel, petrol and medicines were stored before winter, so that there would be no shortage, however, it seems that this time the administration was in deep slumber .He demanded that food and gas be stored in the valley immediately and that these important and essential items be made available to the people at the earliest opportunity.


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