Hangul sightings increase in Tral wildlife sanctuary

TRAL: There has been a significant increase in the number of Hangul sightings in the Tral wildlife sanctuary in south Kashmir’s Pulwama, with officials and locals confirming this.
While locals say that they have witnessed the animals grazing in the area munching on their favourite twigs and other grasses.
Hangul is an endangered species and its abode has been limited mostly to the wildlife sanctuary in Decigram and has been rarely seen in past few years in Tral forests, however the sightings this year have increased.
This rare wild animal species were spotted by many locals in Shikargah and its adjoining areas. Iqbal Khursheed, Range officer, Wildlife Tral told Kashmir Reader that they carry out surveys from time to time which suggest a definite increase.
“At this time we are hopeful about the presence of around 40 numbers of this species in the area.
The Tral Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected wildlife corridor for the endangered Kashmir Stag, Hangul.The sanctuary is spread over an area of 154.15 square kilometers.
The Kashmir stag is a subspecies of the elk native. It is known for its magnificent antlers, which can have 11 to 16 points. Hangul is the only surviving Asiatic sub-species of the European red deer family, found only in Kashmir.

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