KCSDS’ message to people on how to deal with lockdown, fight against virus

KCSDS’ message to people on how to deal with lockdown, fight against virus

Srinagar: Kashmir Centre for Social and Development Studies (KCSDS) on Tuesday underlined a strategy on how to coup up with the difficult situation erupted as an outcome of a prolonged Covid-19 lockdown. The statement said, “KCSDS makes an earnest appeal to people to help their poorer neighbours in their localities and each well to do family in a locality would adopt a needy family or more and support these with eatables or cash for the purchase of same.”

“All Mohalla/Village Committees or Masjid Committees will gear up to take responsibility of identifying the families that need assistance within their area,” it reads. It added, “NGOs and other social organisations will help those who are left over after all the resourceful families are exhausted in different localities. They will also feed the migrant labourers and those who have got stranded in the valley irrespective of caste, creed, colour or religion.”

It said, “KCSDS is of the opinion that above methodology could be an alternative to crowdfunding which creates a lot of hype around aid collection with chances of missing out some deserving or replicating aid for some others. The direct help from aff luent to the weaker families would also remove many apprehensions associated with it.” KCSDS hailed the efforts of individuals, NGOs, social and other organisations for their support in providing personal safety items and equipment like masks, sanitisers, PPEs etc to our front line warriors viz the doctors, paramedical staff, municipal workers etc, and wishes that they continue with such endeavours.

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