Tourism and Durga festival in Doda

Tourism and Durga festival in Doda

Mool Raj

I would like to draw attention to some of the tourist attractions in district Doda. The Chenab Valley in Doda district has numerious scenic places where one can feel peace of mind. Among the tourist attractions are Kalhota, Dhara Top, Dedani Padri, Lal Draman, Gala Dhar, Padi Dhar Bhaderwah, Jayi Valley, Chinta, Guli Danda, San Bai (Golden Well), Sabzi Dhar, Subar Dhar, and many other places. All these places lie in the sub-Himalayan mountain range from Batote to Bhaderwah which is famous for natural beauty. The beauty of these places is no less than of meadows of Sonamarg or Gulmarg. Bhaderwah is often called Chotta Kashmir and can be compared to Switzerland in its beauty of hills and valley.

Dedani is a paradise for tourists where Padri’s scenic beauty attracts thousands of people. On August 25, a festival is held at Galan Durga Mandir in Dedani since times immemorial. It is requested to Govt of Union Territory of Jammu-Kashmir to declare holiday on August 25 when people from all walks of people come to the temple from the length and breadth of district Doda. In this festival participate Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Budhists not just from Doda but also from Jammu. The day is important for creating oneness, brotherhood and harmony among all castes and creeds of people. The demand for declaring a holiday on August 25 is pending since a long time but we hope that the government will fulfil it.

Finally, the government should develop all the places of tourist attraction for the overall development of the region.


The writer is from Bhagota (Panjsoo), Doda

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