Army, paramilitary skip Holi events

SRINAGAR: There were no collective Holi celebrations this year at any of the government forces in Jammu and Kashmir, due to fears of the deadly coronavirus.
Army, CRPF and BSF, the three main establishments that control streets in Jammu and Kashmir, had instructed its personnel not to celebrate Holi.
Holi is an ancient Hindu festival that heralds the arrival of spring after winter and signifies the victory of good over evil.
“This year, we did not allow the celebrations like we used to do. It was celebrated at individual level only,” CRPF spokesperson Neeraj Rathore told Kashmir Reader.
Rathore said traditionally the festival was celebrated in an organised manner.
Similarly, the army establishment had issued instructions that the celebrations of Holi should be a low-key affair. One of the officers at Northern Command Headquarters said that the instructions were issued some time back.
“One of the ways through which the virus enters the body is through crowds. During Holi we used to get together, but we prevented it this time for the larger good,” the officer said.
Rathor said they have also established medical teams which monitor and keep a watch on the coronavirus crisis.

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