Power dept employees face salary delay, official cites change in payment system

SRINAGAR: Most of the employees of Power department have been facing salary delay after the department has been unbundled into separate corporations.
From top engineers to lower rung officials, all have been facing the delay.
An official from one of the corporations told Kashmir Reader the government used to release the salaries in the first week of every month.
“Now after the conversion of department into corporations, employees get salaries either in the second week or in the third week of the month,” he said.
One of the chief engineers told Kashmir Reader that the delay has occurred due to the change in payment system.
Government, he said, used to release salaries from treasuries where there is no shortage of money, but this method has changed now.
“Now the salaries have to be released from the corporations only. The salary amount has to advance into the account of corporations which then release the salaries. This takes time, but this will be removed sooner. This happens when there is a transition,” he added.
It is the third month now when the erstwhile Power Development department has been unbundled into separate corporations -a move that was not been taken for years together for the fear triggering disruptions. There was brewing resentment inside the erstwhile wings of the department for their fear of losing their employee benefits as well. Public outcry was there as well for anticipating inflated bills.
An engineer from the Power Development Corporation said that there is a huge deficit in revenue primarily because of pending dues of public.
“The corporations would function smoothly if they meet their revenue estimates. Steps are being taken out everyday,” he said, adding, “Now the corporations are thrusting to release the revenue pending with defaulters. The corporation’s aim is to realise as much as it can. They are also going to be harsh at it.”
The engineer said, “A disruption in the department has taken place, which is yet to enter into the work culture of the corporations. I don’t know how much it time it will take, but one thing is sure, that employees have to come out of their comfort zones on daily basis.”
Secretary Power Development Department M Raju was not available for comments.

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