Pampore residents slam authorities over water logging, demand proper drainage system

PAMPORE: Many residents from Frestabal area of Pampore have accused authorities for failing to provide a proper drainage system in the area, saying that rain and snow waterlogs the entire area.
“Some areas in Frestabal have no drainage and in other areas drains were laid years ago. But they become defunct over time,” residents said.
Locals told Kashmir Reader that they face water logging after snow or rainfall. “After the snow starts melting, around 30 houses were inundated,” they said, adding that part of their houses are under water up to one foot.
“All vegetable gardens are under water, and foot paths and pathways leading to main road are inundated,” the residents said. “Our children have been stranded in houses and are unable to move outside.”
The residents sought intervention of Tehsildar Pampore and appealed him to instruct concerned department for dewater the area.
Abdul Hai, In charge Fire and Emergency services Pampore told Kashmir Reader that as soon as he was instructed by Tehsildar Pampore Ishtiyaq Mohi-ud-Din, a dewatering pump will be put in action and a portion of the area will be dewatered.
“It will take some time to dewater all the area,” he said, adding footpaths and pathways have been thrown open and 12 cattle from a cowshed were rescued to safer place.
The locals demanded a proper drainage be laid in the locality. They said that the area will be suffer water logging until a permanent solution is not sought.

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