HED violates norms, blued eyed get prized postings

Resentment is brewing among permanent and senior Principals of Government Degree Colleges against the authorities for “violating” norms for posting of Principals in Degree Colleges.

A top source in the department said the Higher Education Department in July this year issued orders for reshuffle of Principals of various colleges wherein the higher ups violated the norms to accommodate their “favourite” ones by giving them prize posting. They said the juniors were given preference over seniors while issuing posting orders of the principals.

“While issuing transfer orders the department didn’t consider the seniority of the principals working in various colleges which has put the Department in crises,” the official said.

The official said the Higher Education Department (HED) in its transfer order posted junior Principal in Amar Singh College which has enraged the senior principals posted in other colleges,” the official said.

The posting of junior Principal in Amar Singh College has caused infighting between the Principals over the posting of Associate Professor (Junior Principal) as Nodal Principal of Kashmir Colleges.

“Anyone who is posted as Principal Amar Singh college is nodal principal who coordinates recruitment of Academic arrangement and other major tasks of the Department,” the official said.

“But her appointment has made other senior principals aghast.”

The official said the seniors (Permanent) principals who are posted in rural colleges do not communicate with the nodal principal regarding any official matters neither do they reply to any official communique.

“This infighting has affected the work culture in the Department as there is no coordination between the principals,” the official said.

They said that the permanent principals also submitted a representation to the minister for education Syed Muhammad Altaf Bukhari regarding the issue but the issue is still lingering.

“The senior principals who are posted in rural colleges have expressed displeasure over the flawed transfer wherein junior principal is dictating seniors. There is so much resentment over the issue,” the senior official in HED said.

If sources are to be believed, a representation has been submitted to Governor’s office wherein the permanent principals have opposed posting of junior principal in Amar Singh college.

“The governor took a cognizance and sought explanation from the Department as well. But the Department somehow managed to hush up the issue,” the official said.

“The permanent principals are not demanding prize postings but they have only one point agenda that Department should post a senior principal as Nodal College Principal which will be a justice to all,” he said.

The sources however said despite making a hue and cry over the issue the minister for education and principal secretary higher education has not taken any decision over shifting of a junior principal from Amar Singh college.

“That’s why there is confrontation from Principals’ side against the department,” he said.

Meanwhile, despite repeated attempts, minister for education was not available for his comments.


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